Sunday, June 7, 2009

Pizza Friday (And Saturday.... on a Sunday)

Bad blogger, reporting for duty!

Howdy there folks... apparently my particular little case of the blahs leaked into this week. Hurrah? I had posts I wanted to do, but little motivation to do them.

Add in me pulling one of those "mucho important" muscles in my neck while cleaning on Friday, and I've been trying not to move too much since. I was even feeling better this morning, and a bout of laughter did me in again. I finally buckled today and went out to get one of those "heat up in the microwave" warmer things and can move my head again. Yay?

Anyway... I continued with the new tradition of Pizza Friday around here. Found a slightly modified pizza crust recipe and had a go with that.

I actually halved the dough so I could try and get a thinner crust. Worked out pretty well.

Pizza crust, topped with fresh mozz, tomato confit and some diced raw tomato since they were about to go south, and some oregano and basil from the garden...

Out of the oven.... mmm.... tasty....

Overeall... a little "meh" but still good. I might have actually preferred some aged mozz on it. I donno.

We woke up early on Saturday 'cause the hubby unit was going in early to work. When he got home, it was lunch time, and I just so happened to have the extra pizza dough in the fridge.

More pizza, anyone??

This was actually some pizza sauce with some extra garlic, salami, a mix of fresh and aged mozz, sprinkle of romano and parm, and oregano from the garden. I left off the basil and just added some to my pieces at the end... hubby is NOT a basil fan.

Mmmmm... bubbly crispy done.

I might have to look into finding myself an ungalzed quary tile (cheaper than a pizza stone). The parchment paper actually does a fair job of wicking away some moisture to get a crispy crust, but I'm curious about stone, now.

Hopefully, I'll be more motivated during the upcoming week. I still need to get my post about French Toast done.

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