Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Lunch for One

For the second time since I bought my elliptical, a workout was halfway interrupted by the stinkin' thing breaking. This time, apparently a nice crack in the metal of the left handlebar.


Last time it broke, it was still under the manufacture's warranty, and it wasn't too bad to get them to send parts and a repair dude after I sent them a copy of my receipt.

This time around, it's under the extended service warranty. I was highly concerned when I went to their listed website address, the URL is apparently now owned by some Jesus-y website. Not the warranty company.

So, I had to call them, but after repeating all of my information three times, they were more than happy to schedule me for an appointment at my latest inconvenience. So, dude coming by on Thursday to likely go "Yep, that's a crack!" and then wait for them to try to get parts.

Looks like I might have to look into talking some walks around the local forest preserve to get in exercise for the next few days.

But, at least lunch cheered me up.

I love fish, the husband hates fish. I also love balsamic browned butter, and the hubby also hates that. And I love green/yellow/purple beans. Any guess on the hubby's opinion on those?? Yeah.

So, put that all together for a lovely lunch...

Mahi mahi filet, the sauce, and some beans that I steamed. Tres yum.

Now, I just need to figure out what the heck to do with the chicken legs I bought for dinner tonight.

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The Country Mouse said...

I admit that I'm with him on the fish, but who could hate BBB? Sacrelige!