Friday, June 19, 2009

Can I smack everyone who has been saying "It doesn't feel like June" for the past two weeks??

(Mama Frau came through her surgery with flying colors and the hope is that the horrible "C" word is totally out of her body now, along with a couple of organs she wasn't using. She's recovering in the hospital now, hopefully will be sent home on Sunday. Yay! And then I'll likely be her nursemaid for a few days. Um, not so yay.)

So... we've had an unseasonably cool and rainy start to June in the Chicago area.

Which means everyone has been going "it doesn't feeeeeeel like Juuuuuuuune yet...." for the past two weeks. Except me.

I've been happy to not have to turn on the air conditioner or worry about watering my tomato plants.

But tonight.... the infamous Chicago Summer Weather attacked.

Hot and muggy in the day.

Oh, what's that? It still doesn't feeeeeeeeeeel like June?

How about some nasty thunderstoms to go with that muggy heat? And throw in a couple of tornadoes for good measure??

Hausfrau raises the smackin' hand....

One reason I had NO interest in going to school downstate is because tornadoes usually try to keep to the untamed lands of the middle and lower sections of Illinois. I'm way up north. Like, really close to Wisconsin, north.

And this evening, there were tornadoes in Kenosha. Which is in Wisconsin, just past the Illinois border (for those who don't understand the whole Illinois/Wisconsin or West Gemany/Czechoslovakia geographic thing). If there are storms that can make tornadoes into Kenosha... there are storms that can make tornadoes where I am.

I am not good when tornado sirens go off. I am aware of this fact. The couple times they ushered us into the hallways or gym while I was in grade school when the sirens went off, I got sent to the nurses office when it was over for being a nervous wreck.

At least while we were living in the apartment that I am much braver about tornado sirens when we decided to take the case of beer with us. Beer + tornado = not quite as terrifying

So, the hubby got home tonight and announced he never got to each lunch today (we had some similar, non-tornadic storms thru the area around lunchtime... enough to flood many many streets where the hubby works, and most eateries closed) and was on his feet all day running around (power surge managed to fry ALL the desktop computers, but not-so-lucky for hubby since the Blackberry servers were still fine) and he didn't stop for beer on the way home and needed to eat but wasn't sure what he wanted.

Wait a minute... we have severe weather upon us AND NO BEER????

I got the beer run out of the way first. And apparently I was not the only one doing that... I saw more people in the liquor department of the grocery store than I have ever seen there. Seems like everyone was stocking up.

I did finally bully him into accepting Culvers as a dinner option, and I got home just before the skies opened up, the tornado warnings started a'coming, and the trees started blowing horizontally. Fun!

We had a downright odd power surge... brown out for about two minutes. Usually after ten seconds, we either loose power or it decides to play nice.

That storm system has passed.... now we just have to wait out the next wave that is supposed to come thru tonight. Um, yay. Not.

So... can I smack all those people who have been complaining about it not being summer weather? Because it sure is now.


Rosie Hawthorne said...

I can totally understand the tornado warning and the beer thing.

Whenever we have a hurricane coming, you should see the lines at the liquor stores.

Screw the bottled water. I load up on wine.

Glad to hear Mama Frau is doing well.

That Word Guy said...

By all means smack away. But it doesn't seem like June now, either. More like July or August. Ugh.