Sunday, June 21, 2009

Frozen eggs, anyone???

(MamaFrau is home resting comfortably... well.... at least more comfortably than she rested in the hospital. I'm here for the night and a good part of tomorrow, then it will be heading home to deal with a grumpy Mr. Frau who will be working way too many hours next week because they're swamped with work and his boss is going on vacation. My life is just SO much fun)

So..... in the landscape that is our fridge, egg cartons usually end up on the top shelf, above everything else (this happens because there is usually a 30-pack of beer on the top shelf, hence the lack of room for a lot of other things). This is also where some freezer air blows right into the fridge section, hence, we occasionally get frozen eggs...

Neat, huh? (Or is it just me???)

On to other topics.... tuna salad nicoise!!

I love me some tuna salad. It was always best when Dad made it, because anything that wasn't nailed down usually ended up in there (carrots, celery, onion, etc.). But I am growing quite fond of the salad I make in summer (kinda ripped out of the Bouchon cookbook). It's a true summer treat for me, because I need to use fresh tarragon. And as hard as I try, I usually kill my tarragon plants when I try to bring them inside during winter.

Tuna, fresh tarragon & parsley, some diced radish, nicoise olives, capers, some chopped tomato (I prefer tomato confit, also out of the Bouchon cookbook, but fresh tomato is good too) and some hard boiled egg.

All that and some mayo, mix and you have a sammich filling....

I actually walked over to the nearby market and got a nice, fresh roll....

I also decided to give a try to the "Speedy" No-Knead Bread. Mostly because I forgot to start the regular bread the night before. Whoops.

It starts out the same... scraggly mess....

No pictures of the end product, mainly because I had a HECK of a time trying to get it outta the stoneware. One section decided to stick, for some reason. Never had that happen before.

Just not as big of a fan of the "speedy" version... tastes really flat. The longer rise time one is just better.

Served the bread with some Spaghetti ala Carbonara (aka "artirial plaque on a plate).

REALLY liked this recipe. The hubby thought the sauce was a bit thick... I can see maybe thinning it a little with some milk next time. But man, was it good. And rich. And the green onions on the top were a really nice compliment to the richness of the dish.


Hurricane Mikey said...

You had me right up till the picture with the Pepsi in it.

We civilized humans only drink Coca Cola products. Just sayin'.

That Word Guy said...

Oh, Mikey is so right!

But tell me, with a big box of beer in the fridge, how do you stock all the stuff you need for cooking? My fridge looks like the condiments aisle at UltraBigGrocer, and I still have to make a lot of substitutions (or use a tablespoon of something and then throw away the rest of the jar).