Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Best Thing You Ever Ate

So... while I had Food Network on over the weekend, they had an ad for some "Best Thing I Ever Ate" show, that is apparently a rerun. I guess I pay far less attention to Food Network than I used to.

For some reason, the thought got stuck in my head.

I asked the hubby last night, and being indecisive as he tends to be sometimes, he had to throw things into categories. Surprisingly, as he went through his list, some of my food actually made the list (yay!). Chili and ribs. Oh, and my meatballs. Even if she was not my blood grandmother, I don't think you can have an Italian grandmother and not know how to make a good meatball.

It took me a little while to think about it, but I easily came to one answer. Beef tartar and pommes Dauphine from Guy Savoy in Vegas. Hands down. No question.

I've tried to find a picture, but Google image has failed me. Sorry.

I can tell you that the "small bites" portion you can get in the bar is three spoons, one half of each filled with pommes Dauphine, the other half filled with the beef tartare.

And it's seriously like the best beef/potato combo you'll ever have. Really.

Cool beef tartar one half, slightly crispy and warm potato on the other. Perfect ratios. Perfect blending of the textures, the warmth and cold.

It has seriously ruined me for any other beef/potato combo in the world. Ever. A ButterBurger and Chili Cheese Fries from Culvers don't even compare anymore.

So... what's yours??

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