Monday, August 27, 2007

God damn love 'cause it's breakin' my heart... and if I had one wish, I could see in the dark....

It's been an uneventful week in the Casa de Hausfrau.

Work has been downright depressing and also half-dead. A lot of people who don't need to be there just aren't coming in, my co-worker has been doing maybe four hours a day. I know there are projects that I need to move forward on, but nothing is really moving forward. It'd also be easier if we had an actual business direction.... there isn't much to do until we figure out which markets we're staying in, and which ones we may leave, which product are a priority... fun stuff like that.

Nothing interesting on the cooking front... just tryin' to get by. Tonight was just eggs, ham and hash browns for dinner. Easy and don't have to think much about it. But I do have to give mad props to the Crisp Potato Hash Browns. Love those.

I know I'm off the hook for cooking on Wednesday this week... the hubby is doing his fantasy football draft thing that evening. No idea what the heck I'm going to do for dinner. Maybe I'll pick up some Thai food.... that sounds good right now.

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