Saturday, August 4, 2007


It's been... well, it's been a week.

Slept waaaaay to late today, but it was nice. But it also means I won't get a fraction of the things done today that I wanted to. Damnit.

Some changes at work.... new CEO and the unrelated departure of a VP that kinda signals that our company is not really doing any new product development, which puts some jobs, including mine, in question. It'll either be the majority of the R&D department that goes, or some major management shake-up. Still don't know. But in any case, time to hit the job boards and start looking. We're a group of two writers, and I can see a big arguement that at least one, if not both of us need to be kept on. Even before the last new CEO last year and those layoffs, we had a plan of 4 writers just to handle a couple new products and maintaining/updating a LOT of old docs that needed some work. And right now we're at a point where there is a lot that needs to be updated with instructions for Vista or sales will be impacted. I fear we might get cut down to one writer. And I fear more that it might not be me. :(

With all that it's been a highly unpleasant humid and hot week in Chicago. This week's cooking involved Frozen Peanut Butter Pie (very easy and pretty good), Southwestern Turkey-Cheddar Burgers (so good the hubby even had one, and he's SO not a turkey burger kinda guy), crockpot pulled pork, and then corned beef hash (corned beef and taters cooked in the crockpot) and eggs. Good cooking week for me... everything was tasty. No idea what is up for next week yet. Might wait until tomorrow to plan that.

Was also highly frustraited at TV this week... particularly BBC America. I'm a huge fan of Footballer's Wives, and I knew the series ended a bit unexpectedly...but damn, it was sad to see it go without any resolution to anything. Not as bad as Hex, but damnit... I wanna see Tanya rule the world!!!! Sigh

I think today is going to be some general cleaning around the house... won't have a chance to do it next weekend 'cause we've got three birthday parties to go to. And the following Thursday we're off to Vegas.

And of course, because we're going to be heading to Vegas soon, I'm just starting to get red tomatoes. Quite a few grape tomatoes, and just picked my first red real tomato yesterday. Reminds me... have to see if the mother in law will come over and water the plants while we're gone.

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