Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The whole new shitty even more sucky turn....

I am a woman sentenced to six weeks.

Six more weeks before my position is terminated. I can't decide if it's good or if it's bad that it's 4 weeks more than basically the rest of the engineering department. Including the other person with the same job title AND my manager. Oh yeah. It's gonna suck.

Currently working on some job leads.... if I can get out before the 6 weeks, let severence pay be damned, I'd just like to have my future settled.

Have some job applications out, currently talking to some people and using some connections to see what else is out there.

But right now... in like 14 hours... I'll be in Vegas, and that is the focus. Yeah, I think the lunch at Enoteca San Marco I was hoping to do is off the agenda now since we're really going to try to keep expenses for the trip down, but ah well. We do have Lettuce Entertain You gift cards to use up so might be hitting Stripburger, possibly Mon Ami Gabi, to use up some of the free money.

Looking forward to it, really. With the 6 weeks and the severence pay, I'm getting a paycheck at least until the end of October. And while the market ain't great, I *know* I can find something by then. If the company isn't begging me to stay on at that point (which is also a possibility).

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