Friday, August 10, 2007

The Simpsons........

Finally went and saw the movie tonight.

Coming from someone who has an entire basement full of still in packaging Simpsons figures and playsets.... it was good.

WAY better than recent seasons of the Simpsons. Jokes are good thru it all, non-stop and just a LOT of things you've always wanted to see them make an attempt at. Very entertaining, and I can't wait for the DVD.

Sooo... this weekend is the Chicaco comic convention. I usually partake for a day, but not doing so this year because we've got two b-day parties this weekend, and we're headed to Vegas next week, just didn't want to take the time since I figured it'd be hectic at work. Ha-ha (Nelson style!) on me.

But... the hubby went (and is going again tomorrow - I will never go on a Saturday 'cause that is when all the costumed freaks come out, and I really don't need to see gaggles of Salior Moon costumes, Stormtroopers, and four hundred pound chicks in chainmail bikinis. Every woman should be proud of her body and wear stuff that she feels comfortable in - but dude. Some consideration for other people. Please. There is a reason I only wear short-shorts and tube tops in the privacy of my own home). And... the hubby got me a fantastic gift. A shirt with my favorite Ralph Wiggum quote of all time and the corresponding picture.... "I dressed myself!" Awesome.

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Hurricane Mikey said...

His best quote in the movie "I like MEN now!" had me damn near peeing my pants...

Have fun in Vegas!