Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Random housewife-y thoughts....

I'm still not diggin' Costco. Went today to pick up essentials (like ketchup... the hubby is a ketchup fiend and we're dangerously low). In my quick run thru the store at lunch time, just didn't really see anything too exciting. And the damned ketchup bottles... it comes in a pack of three in the *stupidest* holder ever, totally off balance... as I was carrying all the shit in to the house, the damned holder gave out and two bottles plunked to the ground. GREAT.

The new Glad veggie steamer bags.... nice. I did some asparagus in one this week, very nicely steamed veggies. I even threw in some shallot and lemon zest, and it really picked up the flavors nicely. Kinda wish they'd had these things when we lived in our hot as hell apartment.....

Dealing with mirgraines the past two nights. Mild at least, but still a pain in the ass. It's better tonight now that I actually thought of putting my glasses on.

Cooking was unexciting tonight... steak sandwiches... and there might not be cooking for the rest of the week. The hubby's got his fantasy football draft thing tomorrow night, and there is talk at work about doing some kind of after-work bar thing. Not a going away party for all the people who are leaving... but just a last chance to hang out with and enjoy the company of people you hope to be running in to again in future workplaces.

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