Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Is it Vegas yet???

Another Ugh.

I can't even recall what the heck I made for dinner on Monday.

Yesterday was a fairly busy day at work, and we'd gotten a heavy enough rain the night before that caused some water to leak in to our (thankfully unfinished) basement. But, that meant getting home from work and cleaning up that mess. And I needed to run to Menards. And it was a zillion degrees out. Yeah. We had Jimmy Johns for dinner.

Tonight was a downer of a day at work. Our "weekly status meeting" basicly turned in to a speculation session about how the expected next round of layoffs will go. My boss suspects she's on the chopping block, and they might keep one writer. Frankly, I don't see how the company can work without my boss. No one has their pulse on the company like she does. Or knows when our vendors are outright lying to us like she does.

The day was already a downer, and rain started to come thru. Out having a smoke with a co-worker, some joking led to me saying "If your 'sunny attitude' was really ruling the weather, there'd be a tornado blowing thru right now." Cue the tornado sirens. Seriously.

Ok. I have lived in the midwest my whole life, but I am not good during a tornado warning situation. Really, really, not good. And especially bad in a single story building where there is NO emergency plan and the whole damn building is nothing but knee-to-ceiling windows. It took every bit of courage I had to not hide in the bathroom or under my desk for the half hour the warning was active and we were right in the predicted path. I was a wreck by the time we got the all clear.

Figured I'd be coming home to at least some wind damage (quite a few microburts in our town in the past few years.... we're a typical suburban town, but the towns to the west of us are more rural) and more water in the basement. Thankfully, not too much water in the basement. And no wind damage to anything, not even any of my plants.

Dinner was sauteed shrimp and cherry tomatoes (from the garden) with some shrimp butter I had left over, tossed with pasta. Simple but good. And no fuckin' clue what I'm making for dinner tomorrow. I'll think about it after noon, when I can be somewhat certain that no layoffs are happening on that day.

Still have a zillion things to do before we leave for Vegas. And no time to get them done. Despite facing possible layoffs, I've currently got eight - count 'em, eight! - projects that are pretty damned active. Stuff being translated, stuff to process from the translations group, stuff that still has to be edited and changed.... and I am a complete idiot who is still working hard, knowing that I'd feel horrible if I had to hand all this shit off to the other writing in shitty shape. Yes, I am an idiot. I have a funny feeling I may even be staying late a couple days since I hae the wonderful task of creating some docs by going from an HTML to Frame Maker situation for 3 pesky languages (I'll spare the gritty details, but it ain't fun. Far more complicated than a copy/paste. It's like a copy/paste, then another copy/paste and then having to format the text all over again). Damn you, work ethic!!!

Where was I going?? Oh yeah. A list for my own personal use. Feel free to skip it.

Scrub kitchen.
Make dips and pita chips for a party on Sunday.
Shop for presents and cards for the birthday parties that are Saturday AND Sunday.
Do laundry.
Straighten up rest of house.
Pray to a higher power that I don't get laid off.
Pray to a higher power that the market improves.
Pray to a higher power that one of the few companies I've sent a resume to in the past couple days shows interest in me and calls me back.
Finish Vegas packing.
Try to keep container plants from drowning in all this rain.
Clean out fridge.
Move around basement again so if we get more water, our stuff will be safe.
Hope I didn't miss anything super cool at the Comic Con on Saturday (hubby is going, I usually go but I just don't have it in me this year).
And a zillion other things.

I just hope, hope hope hope, if there are layoffs, it won't be until after Vegas. I want to have fun, not be worried about dropping a cent on any gambling.

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