Monday, August 13, 2007

Off for a few days

(if anyone is even out there??)

The not-so-great developments at work are set to take a whole new shitty even more sucky turn tomorrow.

We leave for Vegas on Thursday morning.

Over the weekend I made a BLT dip for each of the parties I was attending, and both were a big hit (but boy, I like Farmland bacon more than Oscar Mayer bacon lately). Also made a Clam Dip that left me highly unimpressed and I don't think went over as well as the BLT dip at the one party I brought it to.

No cooking tonight.... totally not in the mood. Jimmy Johns to the rescue.

Did go outside and pick some lovely red tomatoes off my plants. Four. They're purty-ful. And I forgot to water my plants, so I really hope it rains tonight.

So.... I'll post a report on the Vegas trip when we return. Hopefully with more energy and hope.

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