Friday, September 14, 2007


It's often said, Chicago has two seasons: Winter season and Construction season.

This year.... boy.... "they" ain't lying.

I have a couple of routes I can take too and from work. Right now, every single route has some construction on it, which means reduced lanes, and much heavier traffic. It takes me twice as long to get home.

This week... every. single. fucking. day. there has been a "new" area of construction popping up to make each route even worse.

I understand, roads need to be fixed. But do you have to fix three adjacent north/south roads at the same time? And two adjacent east/west roads in the same area????

Hausfrau duties have been lax. It's actually been a busy week at work, which is kinda nice. The new management team is... well... actually working out well. Things are moving forward at a rate they haven't in *months*, and it's nice to be busy. Also hearing a lot of good reports this week from the former co-workers already taking new positions.

No exciting cooking this week. Unless tuna sandwiches and the various things you can do with chili float yer boat. Tomorrow is going to be some fridge cleaning, menu planning and shopping to plan for real, full, actual meals next week. Imagine!! Hopefully on Sunday while the hubby is still in "new football season" mode, I will make up the trotters recipe from the Bouchon cookbook (must remember to take ham hocks out of freezer tomorrow.....)

God I want another trip to Vegas soon. Sigh. Is it March yet?????

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