Monday, September 10, 2007

Look! I'm like a real foodie now!!

I talk enough about food... I should post food pics to my blog like a real foodie-type-person!!!

The caramelized onions I made last week.....

Isnt that a big pot of love??? All you do is slice onions, throw a stick (or two) of butter in the bottom of a crock pot, fill the pot with as many onions as you can fit, stick the lid on, and cook for 12 hours. And you get that pot of love at the end of it. Add some stock and a couple bay leaves and simmer for a few more hours, and you have the best and easiest french onion soup.

How do you start a killer pot of chili??

You brown ground beef, chopped onions and McCormick chili powder and get this...

... then dump in this - don't even drain the beans......
And simmer on LOW for a couple hours covered, stirring every 10-15 minutes, and uncovered for about an hour to thicken... and you end up with.... yeah, I suck at this food pic thing, I was way too excited about the end product to think about taking a picture. Ooops.
And yes... that is undrained beans and condensed soup that goes in to my chili. It was the way I was taught, and damnit, like that odd, creamy Lime Jello mold that is a family tradition - on both sides - it is one of those things that is just good.
(hey... this "adding pictures" thing is pretty easy! Bitchin!!!!)

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