Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Pepper & Egg

Not too much happening around here.

I happily spent Sunday in the kitchen.... made meatballs for dinner, and whipped up the trotters recipe from the Bouchon recipe that I plan to finally serve tomorrow (no pictures... I suck at the foodie "food porn" stuff. And my stove was a mess). No cooking on Monday since I was sick as a dog, and tonight was pepper & egg sandwiches.

For those not from the Chicago area... a pepper and egg sandwich is a very wonderful thing.

In this highly-catholic area, all the hot dog/beef stands need an alternative to serve to the Catholics on Fridays during lent. Enter, the pepper and egg sandwich.

Some quick research says the recipe might be sicilian in origin. Who cares. You take some nice, sliced green peppers, and cook them to your liking. For me, that means cooking on medium heat with the lid on until they are very, very soft and slightly brown. Then... add your favorite scrambled egg-type mixture (I always add a splash of milk, partly since I always seem to be trying to get rid of milk). Cook until done. Throw that on a french roll or some french bread. I like some mozz and a smear of red sauce on mine. Eat and enjoy. Yum.

I usually grow peppers, and we end up eating them a lot during the summer. Not this year, for some reason (probably because I didn't grow peppers - duh). Since we're currently stuck in odd 90 degree Septembe heat, they were very tasty today, and good since it doesn't heat up the whole house.

Oh yeah... watched K-Ville last night... not too bad. Yeah, it's all the explosions and car chases you can expect from a Fox show, but it was not an hour of TV viewing that left me wanting that hour back. We'll see. They've got me for a few episodes.....

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