Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Same reason the first doctor's appointment of the day is always good......

I hate the latter part of the day.

Everything you wanted to do... and everything you're running behind on that is holding you back.

It's like the 8am doctor's appointment.... first of the day, so the doc has had no other patient take too long. You're in on time, and who the hell cares when you're done, because you're already done with it.

Make sense to me with doctor's appointments. Why not with excercise?? I could drag my ass out of bed early and get it done with but nooooooo.... I put it off until after work, after dinner,

Tonight I even had more grand plans.... workout, and get the pig's "feet" recipe from the Bouchon cookbook started. As I go to fill my water bottle, I notice some gunk in the tray for the ice/water dispenser. Huh. What's that??

Turns out a can of pink lemonade was in the dispenser.... which got whacked open by the "crusher" thing. And made a mess of the entire ice buckety thingamajoob. (Hey... gimme a break... I've never had this whole "in-door ice/water" thing before!!)

GREAT. So, 40 minutes after I planned on working out, I'm sitting here waiting for the parts to dry so I can get them back, assembled, in the freezer. And then I've got to polish the frige (stainless) since the front got all kindsa dirty while I was dealing with the ice maker.


So, yeah, the workout is getting pushed tonight. By the time I get this shit cleaned up, clean up from dinner, do the "night before garbage day" fridge cleaning, it'll be friggin' 10pm already.

Sorry, workout. Hopefully tomorrow.

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