Sunday, September 23, 2007

I think I know how football season is going to go this year.....

Every once in awhile, I keep hearing the hubby upstairs, watching the Bears, use a really loud swear phrase.

I respond... "What did Grossman do now?"

There is always an answer. Add him to the list of people in this world that make me wonder why in the hell they're allowed to keep their jobs.


Today was spent around the house. Happy, happy me.

Well, not totally happy, some of the time was spent cleaning. I really, really, really hate cleaning. But at least we have clean toilets now. And things aren't sticking to my feet when I walk across the floor.

Also did a bit of cooking. Finally got my caramelized onions made in to french onion soup. Onions in the crockpot, add a big box of chicken stock, one of beef stock, throw in some bay leaves and thyme, add a little balsamic vinegar and let it simmer away for 6 hours. And I've got some croutons in the oven right now... there will be French Onion Soup in my future for lunches this week.

And with the wonders of Chicago weather, with the French Onion Soup for the seasonal days this week, we've also got some hot weather tomorrow, so I made a beef curry salad (highly modified, I usually have a hard time following a recipe as-is and do a lot of my own substitutions along the way) from a recent issue of Everyday Food, and Cambodian Summer Rolls, but I do still have to make the dipping sauce. Probably do that after the croutons are done.

Dinner tonight was Crawfish Enchiladas. These have been a long-time favorite, even the lightened version is damn close to a version the hubby used to get at our old favorite cajun restaraunt (which is now closed). Those and some red beans and rice (fromabag) made a tasty supper with a happy hubby that ate five enchiladas before finally stopping. I still don't understand how the hell his metabolizism works and keeps him skinny.

Ok. 'Nuff downtime... time to continue being productive.

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