Sunday, September 30, 2007

Random thoughts I missed in the last post.....

I don't know what the hell it is about tomato confit... when I follow the recipe and go for the full, suggested 4 hours, those suckers get dried out and a little burned. Today I only went three hours (totally mismanaged my kitchen time and had to get the unsuccessful dinner started) and from pictures I've seen of what they should look like... they were done. I don't get it.

There is NO hope for the Bears this year. Sigh.

The Black Dahlia is a boring ass movie. I Tivo'd it and just had it on for background noise. And it was STILL boring. I just finalled turned it off and got it off my Tivo.

Sooooo looking forward Top Chef this week. They've already had spottings of filming of the next season around Chicago. Unless they do some kind of "suburban mall food court challenege" I've got NO chance of seeing a damned thing, lol.

Not happy with Barnes & Noble. I stopped by there yesterday (it's right by Crate & Barrel) to pick up Reach of a Chef by Ruhlman. They didn't have it. All they had was ONE copy of Making of a Chef. Sadly, I'd guess there wasn't a huge run on his books that caused the lack of stock. And my darned Border coupon expired today, and I didn't get over there.

Must remember to buy CD-ROMs at Staples tomorrow to make some copies of my portfolio for the interview on Friday.

I hate flies.

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