Saturday, January 5, 2008

I can't think of a creative title. Bleeh.

Don't know it it was the "come down" from the holidays or what, but by yesterday, I was so ready for the week to be done.

Cooking not going how I wanted, constant technical problems coming at me from all sides, bleech. Cold, cold weather.

Thankfully, the weather has warmed, it's a new weekend, and time for me to get things back in order. It might even be the general dissary of the house that kicked my booty this past week.

NYD food report..... the pickled cherries are to DIE for with duck. Yum. Fourty thousand kinds of awesome. And I did end up doing more of what every young chef seems to call "melted leeks", aka the leek mixture from the lobster dish, and just mixed it with some buttered spaetzle for a very yummy pairing with the duck.

Diet: With it cold this week, eating lunches out was easy. Go for the food that sounds best in cold weather: soup. Or chili. A cup of chili is usually a pretty good food choice. High in protien and fiber, usually made with a tomato base - both good things. Soups are usually good if you look for ones listed as "low fat", vegetarian, broth-based, or just avoiding ones that have "cream", "cheese" or "bisque" in the name.

Wednesday was a cup of turkey chili at Einstein Bros. bagels, Thursday was a cup of chili and a side salad from Wendy's. Friday I went out to Roly Poly and got a chicken popper (yum!) and had planned on a nice bowl of soup for a side. I figured either the veggie soup, or the mushroom bisque if they had that again. I was well aware of the nutritionals of both. Which meant all they had on the menu was chicken soup, potato soup, and a tomato & roasted garlic soup. I went for the tomato & roasted garlic, thinking it couldn't be *that* bad. Um, yeah. It's one of their higher calorie soups, and I learned when I got back to work and looked it up on my Palm. Ooops. Lesson learned.

Next week's focus is getting back on the excercise track. Still unsure if I'm going to start dragging myself to bed at a reasonable hour so I can get up earlier to work out in the morning, or if I'm going to make myself get my workout in during the evening, no matter what else is happening. In any case, I know I've got to do a better job of planning meals for the week. When I don't do that, it kicks my ass, every time.

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