Sunday, January 13, 2008

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One of the nicest things about not doing the "official" Weight Watchers program and doing it totally on my own, is not getting yelled at for loosing weight.

Yes, ladies and gents, Weight Watchers occassionally yells at you for loosing weight. Well, at least the online program does.

If you have a loss of more than a couple pounds, you get a little slap from them saying you're loosing weight at too quick a pace. It's REALLY annoying. I know they do it since they're trying to promote healty weight loss, but big losses happen sometimes. And so do small losses or no loss. Can't they plug in some code to only yell at you when you're continuously loosing 4 to 5 pounds a week? That was one thing that really turned me off the "formal" Weight Watchers. Can't you let me have my great loss in peace and happiness??

This would have been a "yelling" week for me. I couldn't trust last week's number after my scale snafu, but this week, I was down five pounds. Nice.

Not usually for a "first" weigh in, and I do know better than to expect it to continue like this.

Last week's "No Fries" went well, obviously. Other than a run in with a very disappointing beef sandwich. For the upcoming week, it'll be focusing on vegetarian options, which are usually good options. This week might even get me to veture out to the one Thai place I've seen around work.

I did end up kinda blowing it on Saturday. I was out shopping with my mom and we did a sit-down Mexican place (I had a chicken toastada and a beef flauta, sent the cheese enchilada home with Mom) and after I got home and passed out cold on the couch, hubby "surprised" me with Culvers for dinner. Oh well. 'Tis the way life goes sometimes.

Tonight for dinner it was veal parmesan ala the "Lighter Chicken Parmesan" from America's Test Kitchen. Yum. Worked out very, very well. And actually easier without all the frying. But I still have to run the dishwasher twice tonight, especially since watching too much of "How Clean Is Your House" on BBC America today had me instantly toss my grungy sponge in the garbage, not knowing I didn't have any backup sponges.

For the week, I've got the following lined up:

  • Nachoes (yes, I do manage to fit nachoes as an entree in to my diet, and I'll go in to more detail later in the week)
  • Proscuitto-wrapped shrimp (made this before as an appetizer, very tasty)
  • Chicken something-or-other
  • Pork tenderloin something-or-other

Not sure about the "something-or-others". The hubby always groans about anything pork, but I love it, so I'll make him suffer. I'll probably hit the Everyday Food magazine back issues for some chicken ideas. Or I might mix up a garlic chicken marinade I got out of one of their mags and do it under the broiler, since I have yet to get a new gas tank for the grill.

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