Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy 2008, everybody!!

Easy day here in the casa de Hausfrau.

Further reflection on yesterday's eats.... I think the parm custard technique would be a lot better, for me at least, with a cheese where I love the creamy texture, like blue cheese. Hmmm. Might have to find a reason to try that......

Woke up, had some coffee, threw some Pillsbury cinnamon rolls in the oven.

Watched some TV, played around on the 'net. Downloaded some additional stuff to add to my Palm when it arrives tomorrow (yay!!).

Duck is currently in the oven. Recipe I'm using (a low & slow roasting technique to melt off some of the duck fat) calls for a 5 pound bird, and mine was closer to six. I might leave it in on the low temp for an additional half hour, especially since I just looked at it and it's not progressing like it should. I might blanch some more leeks ala the lobster recipe I did yesterday to have with the duck tonight, just sounds like a really nice combo to me. And I still have about two cups of brunoise in the fridge.

Might also throw together some black eyed peas and tomato to throw on the leftover crostini from yesterday.

Diet lesson for the day: On special, once-a-year occasions, don't sweat it. No one can be expected to not eat cake on their birthday or to change tradition and remain successful on their diet. So today, I will happily eat my duck, but I will keep track of it and compensate later in the week. It drives me nuts when I hear people complaining that they can't eat their own birthday cake, or go to their favorite restaurant for some special occasion because they're on a diet. You can. Learning how to balance the moments of insensibility with sensible eating is what makes something a true change in how you look at the food you put in to your body, overall.

Today's food: Coffee, 1 Pillsbury Grands Cinnamon Roll, Mutter Paneer & Naan, Black Eyed Pea & Tomato costini, duck, buttered noodles, pickled cherries. And might crack open the chocolate stout I got in a Xmas gift exchange.

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