Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Duck Soup


Made duck soup tonight... perfect for the freezing day we had.

My duck stock, some sliced red pepper, mushrooms, a little "egg drop soup" action, some ramen noodles, some tofu & bean sprouts for me, sliced duck breast.... all very very good.

Nice to have a success after last night... I was trying the scallops with citrus braised endive outta the Bouchon cookbook, and it was one problem after another. Scallops that each still had their "foot" attached so I had about 25% less servable protien than I figured. Scallops that smelled kinda fishy. And I don't mind endive usually, but the sauce was just totally not my taste. I am not a fan of most forms of fennel. And the sauce seemed to focus on the exact particular licorice/citrus balance that I hate about fennel.

I have had fennel that I loved before. At Emeril's New Orleans Fish House in Vegas, I got a fried oyster salad that had some roasted fennel in it. I originally carefully pushed it all to the side but when I got a taste, I couldn't get enough. I've tried to get a similar flavor out of fennel in my own kitchen, but have never had luck.

I was also having massive issues with potatoes and broccoli as the side dishes. If it wasn't total white-out conditions outside, I'd have run out for burgers.

I ended up eating a tuna sandwich, and the hubby had Spagetti-Os.

Still a busy week ahead. Before the night is over, I need to prep the stuff for pot roast ala crock pot tomorrow. No biggie. But I gotta stop at Sam's Club tomorrow to pick up vital supplies that we are dangerously low on like shaving cream and toilet paper. Glamourous, huh?? I could always pick up burritos on my way home, but I figure a pot roast is at least more figure friendly.

And on the diet front... it's been going damned well still. Tried on a pair of pants I haven't worn in several months because I was feeling a bit too much like an overstuffed sausage, and I was happy to find they fit much better. Yay!!

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