Monday, January 7, 2008

Would you like fries with that?


It's kinda disturbing, what the average American thinks is a "balanced meal" these days. The standard takeout lunch of a burger, fries and a soda really isn't. It might have been at one time, when the fry size is small and the burger is the size of a small cheeseburger.

There is a reason your mother didn't serve french fries with every meal. It ain't healthy!

One reason I actually like Lean Cuisines is that they kinda give you an easy lesson on what a portion size is supposed to be. No pounds of pasta, no Godzilla-sized chicken breasts. A Baconator is not a "single serving." It's several servings. Don't kid yourself.

I'm not saying that fast food doesn't have its place. I love fast food. But I also go in knowing darned well what is not so bad and what is very bad. I do think most fast food places are doing all they can to make us forget what a healthy portion size really is, but we're also not trying to fight it. They may ask if you want fries with that... but it's your right to say "No."

I had to run to the bank at lunch today, and the options near there are a hotdog stand, Wendy's or Mexican place I have yet to check out. I figured my best option was the hotdog stand. Grilled chicken sandwich, no may. Loaded with lettuce & tomato and a little ketchup. For salty "bites" on the side, I ate some pickle slices.

Will I still have burgers and fries occassionally? Heck yeah, as long as the fries also involve chili and cheese. But, I'll let those be rare occassions, and not the norm.


The Country Mouse said...


And while I like fast food once in a while, if I eat a bunch of bad food in a short time, I feel terrible. And then I think, "I know this. What is my problem?"


Scarehaircare said...

I watched "Supersize Me" and couldn't touch fries for 6 months (remember the fry experiment in the Extra Features?) I really should watch that again as fries are starting to taste good again. Good thing fast food is rare for me. Good for you for making wise food choices today!

Hurricane Mikey said...

You know what? Since I moved here to the Man Cave down here in Henderson last June, I can count on ONE hand how many times I've eaten fast food. Seriously--there is NOTHING close by. Well, a liquor store, but that's a different story.

BTW, is that animal they make the McRib out of extinct again?

MrsVJW said...

LOL... yeah... I think they're working on re-breeding the animal for the McRib for the next go around. I do not get how the hubby eats those things.

Growing up, fast food was a "once in awhile" treat. Mom made our lunches (or when it was offered, school lunch) every day. Mom or Dad made dinner most nights of the week. Sometimes we'd go to McD's for lunch on Saturday. If we were eating out for dinner, it was most likely to be hot dogs, gyros, pizza or chinese food.

I'm always amazed/saddened at the sheer number of people in my town who are in the lines of the fast food joints for dinner, every night. I have to wonder if they know what a veggie looks like when it's not on a sandwich...