Monday, January 28, 2008

Feral cats

I usually not a cat person. Much more of a dog person.

But, in our semi-suburban neighborhood right next to a huge forest preserve, we have quite a few feral cats.

I don't see them as too much of a problem... sometimes they get in to garbage on garbage day, but they're not really a problem. Local feral cat resources do come around a couple times a year to spay the cats that are new.

When we first looked at this place, the cats had apparently taken a big liking to some of the features like the deck and the window wells, since they were checking us out as we checked the townhome out. The place was empty for about six months, so I'm not surprised they took a liking to a place that used to have a really big dog.

Partly to keep them from tearing apart the garbage and partly because I am just a huge animal softie at heart, I'll often throw out leftovers from dinner to the cats. Recently, the skunks have caught on to this. I can deal with cats. Not with skunks.

Usually the skunks are more agressive than the cats. But oh, not tonight!

We had roasted chicken breasts for dinner, plenty of scraps left over. I was prepping to throw it out on the lawn like I usually do (they actually don't tear up the lawn, the lawn has indeed gotten better since I started throwing food out). Opened the front door, turned on the light, and Orange Cat came a runnin'. But I saw two skunks lurking, so I closed the door.

About fifteen minutes later, opened the door again and Orange Cat was right on the stoop. And right behind Orange Cat were the two skunks, tails raised. I quickly shut the door, waiting for the leaking stink of skunk spray.

Went over to the kitchen window in hopes I was not about to bring stinkiness on Orange Cat, and watched in awe as Orange Cat stood down and chased off the skunks. Hell yeah!!! You go, Orange Cat!

Threw out the scraps, Orange Cat had his/her fill and his/her cat buddies ate in peace, with the skunks looking on from several feet away.

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