Thursday, February 14, 2008

The best laid plans....

Happy Valentines Day, everyone!!!

Yeah. So. Best Laid Plans.

At the start of this week, the plan was to do butter poached lobster tails and some nice boursin mashed potatoes and roasted veg for dinner tonight, with a nice salad and a maybe a little treat for desert.


On Monday, my co-worked came in to work feeling mildly sick at the start of the day, and spewing a full-blown pox about the office by the end of the day. Woke up Tuesday and I could feel it coming on, so I ran out at lunch and picked up some Zicam and started popping those like mad. By the evening, I knew I was getting sick.

Yesterday, felt a lot like I'd been run over by a truck but otherwise fine. The original plan was to do the poaching step for the lobsters last night, I was even thinking about using up my stock of frozen lobster shells to start some bisque, but it took every ounce of energy I had to pop open a couple cans of soup and heat them in the microwave. Hubby also felt like he was coming down with a little something. The lobster tails made their way back in to the freezer.

This morning, I awoke to the magical sounds of the hubby hacking in to the porcelain god. In the entire time I've known him.... 14 years.... I've never, ever, known him to get sick from a cold/bug. Yet he was. And was running a 102 fever.

I still felt OK, I knew he just wanted to sleep and I figured it'd be easier with the house quiet, so I headed off to work. At some point in the day, I realized I might actually be feeling somewhat human again. Came home where the hubby was still pretty much out cold. When he woke up, took his temp, and at least it dropped a bit.

Had to pick up a couple things and I knew I was ready to eat a non-soup meal, so I hit Potbelly's Sandwich Works and picked up a sammich, some soup and a shake. I thought I might be able to tempt the hubby's tummy with the shake. But, got home, and found they gave me the wrong soup (hey, I am still trying to stay within the realms of my diet) but the hubby took that. I'm stopping with half the shake gone.

So.... no lobstser, no nice, romantical mid-week meal for us. Might do it over the weeked if we get to a point where we both feel human again.

Right now, it looks like my evening will be spent doing some work for Old Company. Happy Valentine's Day to me.


Scarehaircare said...

Nasty on the illnesses and boo-hiss that you have to work. Good thing you could make V-day into any day you want.

Sending cyber chicken soup. I really need to try that trout recipe.

Marilyn said...

Hope you and the Mr. are feeling better now. At least your lobsters are still waiting there for you when you do feel better.