Thursday, February 7, 2008

Random MP3 Player Fun

Yeah, I do have more Hausfrau-ish things to talk about... like the hell drives thru snowstorms too many times this week (with pictures) and making biscuits from scratch tonight. But I don't have the mental capacity to do that right now. A day of program crashes and frustraiting work at the 9 to 5 job, and people who won't take "no" as the actual answer to their question at the after-hours gig.

So... Random MP3 Player Fun!! Hey... he does them and I enjoy them....

The next 10 songs on my random playlist and why I love them....
  1. Lords on 45 by Lords of Acid - I'm mainly a rock gal, but I love me some raunchy techno. So much fun to get out on a dance floor and go wild. I actually got in to the Lords in high school when I was attempting to do music reviews for the school paper, and mailed (a real, paper, letter - remember those days??) every damned record company that I was able to find an address for. The only "bigger" one that bothered to respond to the suburban teenager was American Recordings, who were just starting out. And they mailed me SO many press packets and CDs for quite a few years - even as I continued to write for the college paper. Sadly, they stopped paying attention to me as the label got bigger, and the sweet free goods stopped. But they got me hooked on some great music I may have overlooked.
  2. Never Enough by L.A. Guns - Sigh. Have men ever looked better in polka dots than in this video?? And Kerri. Double sigh. (Yeah, that'd be a dude named Kerri, for those not in the know. I used to be very much in to rocker boys in makeup). I actually saw a line up of the band a couple years back, and they still do a good show.
  3. Ready to Go by Republica - Good song. The hubby was the original fan of this song, but it's grown on me. Just a great tune to crank on the car stereo on a warm spring day.
  4. Cowboys from Hell by Pantera - God, I miss Dime. RIP, babe. I remember when another Texas band was making their way thru town and I was.... 18, I think. I was going to be out late at the show and hanging with the band, so my dad gave me his cell phone to use in case of emergency. Little did I know guitarist would find it an emergency to call up Dime and bug him. The funniest thing of the the conversation....
    Dime (obviously waking from some kind of sleep): What time is it?
    Guitar dude: It's 9am.
    Dime: (long pause): Is that AM or PM?
    We laughed for about ten minutes.
  5. Blood Makes Noise by Suzanne Vega - awesome song. This song always makes me think about my husband's thought that headaches are a "made up" thing (even though he's seen my face looking like I've had a stroke when I have a migraine). I've tried to explain to him that this is the musical expression of what it's like to have a bad headache or a migraine.
  6. These Boots are Made for Walking by Nancy Sinatra - How can you not love this song? Awesome baseline, great song.
  7. Ghost at Number One by Jellyfish - I love Jellyfish, and this is one of their most lyrically powerful songs ("How does it feel to pack a pen with vinegar and insight?"). They are a band I am very glad I caught on to, since their music is just so mindblowing. The lyrics, the melodies, everything going on... awesomeness.
  8. Suburbia by Butch Walker - If you like rock music and you don't know who Butch Walker is, you should take the time to find out. His talent is almost disturbing, it's so deep. And you could not ask to find a nicer guy, even though he's had his share of hardships in life. Most recently, the house he was living in burned to the ground in the last round of fires in Malibu. The dude lost every possession - including all his master copies of EVERYTHING. But, people were all OK and that is what matters most.
  9. Jane Says by Janes Addiction - This song always brings me back to college. My roommate freshman year (who I continued to live with until senior year when she opted for off-campus housing) and I were two people who, on the surface, looked like we would not get along. I was uber-groupie-glam-metal chick, she was uber-alternative-gothish chick (although she hated it when people called her goth). But Morna and I clicked on a lot of the same musical loves, and Janes was one of them. So was the Cure, and Faith No More. But, I swear, during freshman year we used to play this song at least once a day.
  10. You Can't Bring Me Down by Suicidal Tendencies - This was a song that even got to me in my "I'm a glam chick and I hate everything hard metal music." How can you not love a song with the line "You wouldn't know what crazy was if Charles Manson was eating fruit loops on your front porch!" They're one of those bands that parents were scared of, but parents just didn't get that the message was actually kinda positive.
Peace out, kids.

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