Monday, February 18, 2008

"They" say this is a bad flu season.....

... and boy howdy are "they" right.

I kept hearing over the weekend that across the US the flu season is kicking in to high gear, partly because the strain that is going around isn't covered by the flu shot.

But yeah, it's bad. I think I'm finally feeling 95% human again. Hurray!! I think the hubster is at least at 90%, which is good since he got it way worse that I did.

And I want to buy stock in the company that makes Zicam. That stuff rocks.

Cooking has still been fairly lame around here... freezer diving for chili over cheese/green chile tamales for dinner tonight. Always tasty, though. Tomorrow will be a pot roast. Woo hoo. Thinking of changing it up at least a little and throwing in some peppers and a can of tomatoes (also might be good since I believe I'm low on beef stock). Last night was Polish sausage, cabbage, potatoes and pierogies. Nothing special, but always hits the spot.

I have the third anniversary of my 29th birthday (grin) looming this week, and right now the plan is to go out to dinner. Even if we don't, I still ain't cooking.

Weight loss has been stalled with the sickness, but I'm not surprised since when I'm sick I tend to pound massive amounts of OJ and chicken soup without regard to anything else but getting the sickness outta my body. It's what works for me.

I was excited that blackberries were on sale this week at the grocery store, I bought some and made the base for the Blackberry-Banana Sorbet outta the Perfect Scoop cookbook last night (throw a bunch of blueberries, a banana, some sugar and water in the food processor, puree it all then strain - pretty easy) but I still I have throw that in the ice cream maker. I might actually do that now, so we can have a treat tomorrow night....

But back on track this week (as much as possible with a burger pig-out planned for my b-day) in hopes I can drop just a couple more before we hit Vegas.


Hurricane Mikey said...

Matrixx Initiatives is the company that makes Zicam. They're traded on the NASDAQ under the symbol MTXX.

Yesterday's closing price was 12.93 per share. Probably a good buy at that price.

MrsVJW said...

I think they even have the NASDAQ symbol on the bottle... I think I recall looking at it and going "huh!" during the sickness haze...

Yeah, one of these days I have to get involved enough in the stock market to actually buy a couple of stocks that are not in my various "pick a fund" portfolios. (Like, oh, say, stock in my current company? Nothing can be as bad of an investment in the Motorola stock I got when I worked there that hardly maintains the reduced price I paid for it) But I'm so bad with keeping up with that stuff. I swear, I check some of them once a year and just go "oooh... look at all the free money!" and forget about them shortly.