Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I hate it when.....

It's already been "one of those" weeks. Nothing major going wrong, but it's just not going as smoothly as I hoped.

I hate it when I use up an ingredient I'll need later in the week. This time, it was onion. I cooked up some ground turkey breast on Monday for use in quesadillas. To give the meat more flavor, I figured I'd throw in some chopped onion as a bonus. Too bad I forgot I needed that onion to make sausage gravy later in the week. Ooops.

I hate it when things are deceptively packaged. The local grocery store had a sale awhile back on pork tenderloing, a two for one, so I picked up a couple. What I thought was one nice, big, fat tenderloin was indeed two smooshed together in the vaccuum pack thing. No fair! I hate cooking with those skinny ones. I ended up throwing it in my small crockpot with some salsa to shread it later. That will go in to the freezer and get pulled out at a future date. Perhaps the week after we get back from Vegas.

I hate it when the supposedly "microwave safe" plastic containers melt in the microwave. Seriously... it was only two minutes! It should not have happened, and I hate it more when it creates the mess it did.

I hate it when I learn the hard way that you should be early to lunch meetings where they're bringing in sandwiches for everyone. No choice in sandwich for me (I ended up with roast beef). It's not like you can turn around at that point and head out for lunch.

I hate it when I get a new cooking magazine and there is nothing good in it.

I hate it when I have a feeling how I should change up the recipe for something and I don't do it. Happened with the malted milk ice cream. I knew I should have left the malted milk balls out and just sprinkled some on top rather than mixing them in to the ice cream before it finished freezing.

I hate it when I am a mere eight days away from being in Vegas. I wanna be in Vegas NOW.