Saturday, February 23, 2008

Some things just should never be....

There are very few food concepts that totally distrub me. I don't mind mixing of meats and fruits, I don't have problems eating at greasy spoon places where things may not be perfectly clean (heck, a lot of those kitchens just remind me of my own...) but there are some things that are just wrong. Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong.

Where I grew up, we weren't far from the "red light" district of the area. Depending on which grocery store we were shopping at on any given Saturday, we might pass one of the areas.

When I was old enough to understand that a strip club was a place where woman took off their clothes and men paid them money, I wasn't so shocked by it. But I was utterly shocked that every club advertised a "Free Weekday Lunch Brunch". The thought of food at a strip club is wrong. Just wrong. It is two things that do not mix.

Hamburgers at the zoo. I always thought ground meat was kinda suspect, and every trip I ever took to the zoo, I insisted on bringing food from home because even when I was five, I knew that'd be the only way I was ever sure there was no zebra in my food.

Gas station food. Like last night, we saw a commcerial that suggested leaving your office and going to pick up a salad at the gas station for a quick, convenient lunch. Ick? Always reminds me of the episode of Futurama with the "toilet sandwich".... one of the characters eats an egg salad sandwich out of a vending machine in the bathroom at a truck stop and hilarity ensues.

Today I saw a new one... walking thru the grocery section of a store, and like most places around here they had a little refridgerated section with some sushi. I actually like the stuff from some of them... it's made fresh, on sight each day and while it's not as good or swanky as a sushi joint, it's good.


In the case, they had some decent looking stuff which I was actually thinking about until my eyes came to a section where each container had a big, orange sticker on it that proclaimed "20% off!!!!!" As I looked, horrified, I noticed a couple more containers that even boasted 30% off.

Yeah. All I saw was 30% less confidence in the quality of the stuff.

Reduced price sushi = bad. I'm smart enough that I knew to avoid the seafood buffet at the Boardwalk when it was still standing in Vegas... and discount sushi is about as bad, at least in my mind. Ew.

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That Word Guy said...

With your proclivity for adventurous eating, I'm surprised that you're averse to zebra meat!