Friday, February 1, 2008

Snow Daze

The storm was supposed to hit the Chicago area yesterday evening, but it came in late afternoon.

My drive home from work took over three times longer than normal.

As I was sitting in traffic, I was amazed at the people who were still going about the evening, running in to stores, making stops at Starbucks. Seriously people?? It's hazardous driving conditions and you HAVE to get your frappacino on?? Don't you have coffee at home????

I was planning on running to Sam's Club on the way home, but I just wanted to get home.

Last night I prepped the Creamy Artichoke Dip and the crust mixture for the Lemon (well, I'm trying key lime) Sabayon-Pine Nut Tart with Honeyed Mascarpone Cream. Also made some whole wheat pita chips (also for the artichoke dip).

Woke up this morning, snow everywhere. I donno about other people... but I ain't fond of heading out in weather like this. I know I can drive in it, but I'm not as confident in other drivers. I called in to work... 'tis a snow day for me. But I do kinda miss being in a workplace where you're set up so you have the option to work from home in weather like this. And I'm not so fond of employers who don't value their employees enough to, oh, not want them to die in a firey car crash trying to get to work thru 8 inches of snow, but that is where I am now. And I suppose I'm also being a little over cautious, since I found out an old co-worker got in to a car accident from the snowstorm earlier this week. She is fine, but the car was wrecked.

Anyway... decided to get a start on the prep I still had yet to do for the party tomorrow. Made the Pecorino-Black Pepper Breadsticks to go with the artichoke dip, got the crust in to the tart shell and that is chilling in the fridge. I'll probably turn on the oven again in about a half hour and get that done. Then I'll get the rest of the tart done, but I do still have to run out for mascarpone tomorrow morning. But that is no biggie.

Now, it's time to think about something for lunch and to get the kitchen cleaned up a bit....

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