Thursday, February 21, 2008

Not that bad of a b-day....

B-Day was yesterday.

Busy at work, fighting technology and a wonky internet connection that wouldn't let me send stuff to the machine that we use to make CDs, but I got outta work pretty much on time, traffic home wasn't bad, and we were going out for burgers for dinner.

At the burger place (Hackneys) we each got a black & tan, I had a cup of chili, we split an order of their "onion loaf" which is basically onions dipped in batter, then formed in to a loaf and fried. I'd tried it before at another location, but it was greasy and not nearly as good as the one last night.

Night was quiet. I'll take it.

I've had some awful birthdays in the past. When I turned 13, my best friend forgot my birthday. On my 20th birthday, I had an awful day of work, and awful day of college classes, due to a billing mistake my phone got turned off and I couldn't even call out to order myself some Chinese food for dinner. When I finally used my roommate's phone to called the now-hubby, in tears, to moan about my horrible day, his response was "But... your birthday is tomorow!" Um, no, I think I know when it is! We'd been dating about a year and a half (one birthday) and he apparently messed up the date of my b-day with one of his friends. I just took it as the shitty icing on the craptacular cake of the day. But he hasn't messed up the day since.

My 27th birthday (it seems to happen every 7 years) the hubby got laid off, I had to call five different pizza places to find one that actually had shrimp (everyone seemed to be out of it) to get my favorite shrimp & garlic pizza for dinner. But on the bright side, we did find a new pizza place that is still our favorite.

Yeah. For my 34th birthday, I already plan to crawl in a hole and hide the entire day.

Not much else happening. Work is busy, looking forward to being in Vegas in two weeks. Made omelettes for dinner tonight to use up some egg whites so I now have the 6 egg yolks on hand to make the Malted Milk ice cream from the Perfect Scoop cookbook, but when I went to make the actual mixture I found I was low on sugar. Guess that might wait until Saturday or Sunday.

I did make the blackberry-banana sorbet, yum. When I first ran it past the hubby he said "what could be bad about that?" but when I offered him some when it was done, he said "banana? Ew!" Yep. He listens GOOD.

Not sure what the weekend plans are yet... have to bring in the truck for an oil change, and I know my brother in law is trying to do some kind of get together for my sis in law's b-day, which is tomorrow. We'll see. Although I'm not looking forward to dealing with going to a now non-smoking bar when I have to run outside for a smoke in these frigid temps, but rumor has it the place has a "special" area for some folks, and with the amount of money my huband and his brothers and cousins have dumped in to that place over the year, we better qualify as special!

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Hurricane Mikey said...

What? No cake?

Happy birfday!