Friday, August 1, 2008

From lands far away and unknown......

Ladies and Gents.... this post comes to you from lands far and unknown from my usual spot...... I'm sitting upstairs in our computer room. Supposed to be the second bedroom, but we have it turned into a 'puter room.

This is the hubby's territory. Since I got my laptop (before we moved into the townhouse) I haven't spent much time at my ole desktop PC. I throw it some love now and then, but I spend most of my time with my laptop. But, the hubby got some wrestling pay per view tonight and he's watching that, so I have banished myself to the unknown lands.

I go downstairs every once in awhile.... to get a beer and to hear the Man talk about how great this $12 Pay Per View is. I do my duty.

God, this rooms is a mess. I try not to come in here too much. And I'm trying to not pay attention to the dust bunnies.

On the more hausfrau-ish front.....

I have my fingers crossed that next week I'll have enough garden tomatoes for BLTs. I am looking forward to that moment.

After my day at work today (in the midst of a software release and my coworker overslept this morning and was very rested all day) was just hell. I don't know if it is just not being used to the pace I used to function at all the time or what... but was I ever glad to leave work today. Even if I have to find some time to do some work over the weekend.

Ok.... that's all I got in me right now. i suck. and using my split keyboard it odd, but it does feel better on my hands, which are killing me right now....

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