Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Cult of Tivo

I admit, I am of the Cult of Tivo.

I've always been a television person... it was something that was always on growing up. We were some of the youngest kids I knew to get our own TVs in our own rooms (sad that a 12-inch, black & white television was once something that made you the envy of your peers!). We did still watch TV together as a family, but there was the option to go to your room and watch in peace and quiet if you wanted to (and I think my parents were quite happy to never ever have to watch a episode of Full House ever again.....)

When we got our first Tivo, it was just awesome. When we moved into our townhome, we were excited to add a newer, second generation Tivo to the family.

While I am a proud member of the Cult of Tivo, I think the hubby is going for High Priest status. He decided we needed yet ANOTHER Tivo (for you math people out there... that is three Tivos for two people - and we have 6 televisions in this house). So, today, we went to the bank and the post office (see kids... this is what happens when you're like 16 and cannot WAIT to become a grown-up so you can do all the great & fun things grown-ups get to do) and then we headed to Circuit City. A new Tivo was purchased, and a wireless adapter for Tivo 2 (just easier than running a network cable to it). We also felt we needed to add something else media-centric to the cart and I plunked in a $40 DVD player that I can easily move between the bedroom and the basement.

Got home, hubby installed Newest Tivo in the living room, Tivo Number 2 moved to the computer room and got the wireless hookup, and Tivo 3 is now in the bedroom. The really nice thing is that we can transfer programs between the Newest Tivo and Tivo Number 2 now, which is nice for a lot of the wrestling-related programming that hubby takes that I could care less about.

Newest Tivo is also pretty damned neat on its own... it can (with a big ole asterisk) record two programs on two different channels at once. I gotta hand it to the Tivo people... I'm guessing they found a way to smoosh their older technology with their newer technology together. It can record two channels at once, as long as one is a basic, non-digital signal feed that you can get on a regular TV. This will be especially exciting come the regular TV season where we tend to have some overlap on what we want to watch. For now, this means I can tape MonsterQuest and other good stuff that I usually have to try and catch on a re-run.

Wooo! I watch too much television.

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