Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Veal Stock - Day Two

The veg-type matter that went into the pot with the bones tonight...

And everything happily simmering away.....

I just drained it off and it's all cooling now... the "first" stock, and the solid matter is cooling for the "second" stock tomorrow. Then it's just combining the two and boiling them down.

I did have to go off-recipe (who.. me?!?!) since I forgot to get leeks. I had a lot of green onions I needed to use up, so in those went. And while I was slicing into my onion, after already having sliced an onion for brats with green peppers and onions for dinner, I found it was part rotten. As was the next one. And the next one. Thank heavens I buy shallots almost every week. In those went.

I was upset that I wasn't getting fantastic smells... and then I learned something. Went upstairs to get some stuff that I wanted to go through before the Vegas trip.... and OH MY WORD LORDY it smelled fantastic up there. I guess that is where all the good cooking smells went. It got to the hubby so much he came down and grabbed a bag of chips because it was making him hungry.

And I made a big blunder that I hope will not bite me in the behind... totally blanked on the tomato paste step. Ooops. I'm hoping the wonderful ripeness of the tomatoes I did use as part of the veg will save me a bit. The stock is not looking as lovely brown as I have seen veal stocks look, which might be due to my blonde-ness and the forgotten tomato paste. Or just the fact I'm just so giddy and forgetful about it right now... seriously, when I saw the veal necks at the store I was like a kid trying to sneak a cookie out of the cookie jar... looking around, amazed that no one else was away of the wonderfulness that was sitting right there.

Ok... time to get things into the fridge. Haven't made lunch for tomorrow either... that ain't going to happen tonight. We'll see if it happens tomorrow.

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