Saturday, August 23, 2008

So we're done with Veep Watch, Round 1?

So we're really done with the media, waiting around like a woman two days after a great date, checking voice mail and the text inbox every five minutes to see if he's contacted her back yet??

That was just painful yesterday. Has Obama texted us yet? Has Obama texted us yet???

I don't want to get into politics... I'm more just so sick of all the media surrounding this election. And I have been for several months, for all involved parties. I just want it to be over so I don't have to hear about it anymore.

At least I am glad McCain isn't doing the "text announcement". I couldn't handle a second round of that.

Other than that... a laid back day in La Casa de La Hausfrau. We're going to a wedding reception this evening, so I decided to catch up on some beauty sleep this morning and don't plan on doing anything but getting ready for the reception. Looking forward to the reception - it's one of the hubby's old buddies from the now defunct band Nine24 (and ROFL... who the hell is paying to keep their website up? They've been busted up for like three years). And Kev isn't on the website... he was the first one to give up the dream to focus on actually making some kind of career outside of music. But, always fun times hanging with all the old crew and their mates, and we don't do it nearly enough.

I expect I'll have to take it easy with the adult-type beverages tonight. Although I hope this is not the drunken affair that was Tim's wedding (the hubby stood up in that one, and they ALL started drinking around noon, by the time it was time for the bridal party intros at the reception, each one of the groomsmen had to use the wall for support when walking down the staircase) I still expect the hubby will get a little, um, happy on the happy juice. Fine with me... he doesn't do it that often so I can deal with his drunken self.

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