Saturday, August 16, 2008

Life in the urban... jungle???

This has not been the best week for the hubby.

After working crazy-long hours this week, he left work at 7pm and was just looking forward to chilling out at home for the evening. He picked up some food on his way home, we ate, and then he headed out for beer.

While he was pulling his Camaro into the garage (with the T-tops still off), he thought he saw something run into the garage. He figured it was just one of the local feral cats, and they tend to run when they even see most people.

Then he got a better look.


With the car still running, the hubby ran out of the garage as fast as he could, and got indoors. Told me what what going on. I really, really wanted to laugh. It was just the cherry on a shit Sundae of a week.

I put out some hot dogs, hoping to lure the skunk out. It must have been a bit spooked already, since the hot dogs did not work (although it lured out all the cats). We finally called the local animal control number. They sent out one of the auxillary police officers who immediately said he really couldn't offer any help. Um, thanks.

The Man didn't want the skunk "going off".... his windows were down, T-tops off, and he was afraid of getting his car skunked.

The faux officer left, and we decided to wait it out. The Man did run in and get a chance to shut off his car and recue the all-important beer.

About 10:00-ish, he went out to investigate some more. While he was looking for the skunk in the garage, he noticed it was over at the neighbor's, eating the popcorn he usually leaves out.


Thankfully, today was skunk-free.

I was up early. I had errands and I just wanted to get them done. I *hate* that the current workplace is kinda far removed from any of the usual stores I like to hit, which makes it impossible to do anything on the lunch hour. So this morning it was Post Office, Meijer (specifically for Bacon Salt), Sam's Club, Costco (where I left empty-handed... AGAIN) then I popped home, emptied the truck, and then it was off again to hit the fishmonger, the produce mart and a quick run through the regular grocery store. Got home and was planning to start cleaning - but the hubby's bro was in the area and was stopping by for a little while. Was nice to visit and play with the young nephew who was with him. By the time they left, relaxation caught up with me, and I took a nap.

We just had Chinese food delivered for dinner. It happens.

Hope to get all the cleaning done tomorrow, and maybe head to TJ Maxx to look around. We've got a wedding next weekend and while I think I'm going to just recycle a dress, I just want to see if there is anything else out there or maybe some new, fun, accessories. If not... oh well.


Rosie Hawthorne said...

Last time I smelled a skunk, it was when Mr. H. and I were at the hotel before Daughter Hawthorne's gradumacation. I woke up in the middle of the night, sniffing the pillows, and not quite understanding what it was. Quite groggy I was. Finally, Mr. H. woke up and confirmed it was indeed skunk. I really didn't expect to smell skunk in my hotel room. Good the little stinker didn't perfume your place.

MrsVJW said...

Oh I've "smelled" them about many times.... mostly just lurking around, or the scent of some encounter I was lucky enough to miss!!

Rosie Hawthorne said...

I've heard a tomato juice bath works for a dog that might have rudely encountered a skunk. Thankfully, I've never had to try it. The worst thing Dixie gets into is nasty nutria excrement. She gleefully rolls in it then comes home with a hang-dog look on her face and slowly walks up the steps to the bathroom because she KNOWS she'll get a bath now. And Dixie loves her bath time.