Sunday, May 31, 2009

Boring Sunday

Ok, I've hit the point (already) of unemployment where weekends are boring. Mainly because television viewing options this weekend have sucked. When I can't even find one single mindless movie to waste a few hours as background noise, I'm not happy.

I did spend some time in the kitchen yesterday making some garlic confit, tomato confit, and boiling down some cream for a sauce for pasta (with crawfish).

Today, it was an easy meal that was all about the grill.

Started off with some Grilled Pepper Poppers.

Oh my. Were they tasty.

We're not goat-cheese people, so I left out the goat cheese, and added some shredded cheddar. Also used romano cheese, because it's cheaper and I'm currently in "cheap" mode (and my wedge of parm is nearing the rind, I ain't gonna waste what little I have).

Get them on the grill....

And while those cook, how about a look at the garden?

Happy tomato plants!

Wow, plants continuing to actually grow in the back! Yay!

I really, really hope these day lilies decide to bloom this year. They didn't last year, for reasons unknown.

And a closer inspection of the tomato plants....

Yay!! Two little itty bitty tomatoes. Don't worry my little friends, you will hopefully get many more little friends to join you.

The flash totally washed out the picture of the grilled peppers....

I also made some bratwurst. I usually buy cooked brats, because they're easier. Just have to slap them on the grill (also reheated some leftover onions and peppers from an omelete night last week) and get them browned.

Peppers were SERIOUSLY good. We're lovers of the popper arts, and these were a pretty nice way to do them. Peppers get all charred and cooker, cheese gets all melty and good.

Actually looking forward to tomorrow and the week ahead... need to hit the job boards, do some organizing in the fridge, get in my workouts and I might even do some major cleaning (cleaning seems somewhat pointless with the hubby around on weekends... at least if I do it while he's at work, I can get a good couple of hours to enjoy the cleanliness before his slobby ways undo my efforts - this weekend I actually WATCHED him take something out of the trash so he could dump something else in there, and then replace the thing he took out, rather than just change the bleepin' bag. I swear, he didn't turn into this big of a slob until we got married. You'd think he'd have started to slip up in the seven years we shacked up before that, but no. And now I can't trade him back).


Rosie Hawthorne said...

Speaking of the sloppy hubbies, mine finally started cleaning up his room 2 days ago. The reason? To make way for the new humongous flat screen TV he bought.

I was looking through some drawers on his bed (He'd taken them out of the chest of drawers and his armoire to lighten them up so he could move them.) and I found an envelope of receipts. From 1999. He spent $3.05 at Foodlion and saved the damn receipt. And there were many more like that. Why would anyone save this crap? Anyway, he got one side of his room organized and cleaned. Took him 3 days. Then today, he hooked up the TV and hasn't come out his bedroom all day. Thank goodness.

MrsVJW said...

Hubby used to contribute to the house upkeep, when we used to have guests over.

Then he just figured out that if we don't ever invite people over or throw parties, he doesn't have to clean.