Sunday, July 29, 2007

Damn you, blossom end rot!

We had a lot of rain last week. Couldn't quite control the watering the container tomato plants were getting.

Today, went out to the plants and found that there was a lot of blossom end rot happening. SEVEN tomatoes. I am not a happy woman right now.

Let's see... what else is going on?? Thursday night I did my mexican chicken... via the Roast Chicken Chimichangas, only modification being the beans on the outside. Much better that way. I've made these a dozen times and they are always tasty.

Friday was a fun day... got to work in the morning and the one co-worker who owns a Thai restaraunt declaired it "Thia Friday" and asked for all our orders. Oh hell yeah. Panang Chicken for me, which was fantastic. We also had pot stickers and an "off the menu" beef broth soup that was wonderful (normally not a fan of beef broth, but this stuff was great). Got pizza for dinner. Always good. And a particularly good "garbage pizza"... the standard pizza with everything.

No cooking Saturday... my brother announced late that he was stopping by to pick up the painting dropclothes they left here ages ago, and we also did The Great Luggage Hunt for awhile. For grown adults, we had some pretty sad luggage. One of those $20 rolling carry ons, and a big huge ass green rolling duffel bag. And the last couple times we went to Vegas, the green bag was AT, not just under, but AT 50 pounds when we checked the luggage. Time to upgrade.

Since I am a girl and I do tend to overpack (because you know... even in Vegas where there are stores on every corner, I *need* to pack 7 pairs of underwear for a 3-4 day trip....) the hubby was eyeing the new luggage that has a digital scale built in. We hit Kohl's first.... all they had was the stuff in brown. We are so vain that we'd pass up luggage just because it's brown. It's a color we really, really don't like.

So we went to TJ Maxx next, and found the 25 inch one we were looking for. In an attempt to find another 25 inch or the 28 inch, we went to Marshalls next with no luck.

I headed out today to a further off TJ Maxx and found the 28 inch suitcase. Oh hell yeah. I'm packing shoes a plenty!!!

Dinner tonight was Shrimp Scampi. Always tasty. Why do people buy peeled shrimp?? Seriously? They cost more, and you loose so much!! When I do scampi, I always do a shrimp broth with the shells, then reduce that, and then a shrimp butter with the cooked shells. And it is just SO much better than dumping already peeled shrimp in to a pan with garlic and tossing it with pasta. And I have more shrimp butter to use up. Oh HELLS yeah.

Not sure what is for dinner tomorrow. Crab was on sale today at the grocery store, so I bought some to make crab cakes this week. Also got a pork roast to do a crockpot pulled pork, and pulled out the corned beef that's been in the freezer for awhile to also do that in the crockpot this week. Also plan to try a new Cooking Light turkey burger recipe sometime this week, but I fear the turkey I pulled outta the freezer might be a bit freezer-burned. It's supposed to be a hot week, and I know work-wise it's gonna be a crazy week. Partly because I totally have Vegas on the brain right now.

Oh, and damn you, BBC. I've been watching the reruns of season 1 of the new Dr. Who on our local PBS station, and after each episode they do what I guess is one of the DVD extras, a little "behind the scenes" kinda think. Tonight's episode was one of the ones with John Barrowman, AKA my New Gay Boyfriend. And in this episode, he does appear half nekkid, but the original plan was to show his bum. But the BBC nixed it. Damn you, BBC!!! And even though I have already seen the first season of Torchwood, I cannot wait for it on BBC American later this year. Sigh. Yummy Gay Boyfriend.

Damnit. Dryer calls. Why don't I start laundry earlier in the day???

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