Sunday, October 21, 2007

Another weekend gone...

Busy weekend for this Hausfrau.

I made Saturday a cleaning day. The hubby had to go in to work (and boy was he unhappy about that) so he had to get up early, so I just got up too. Glad I did, since the landscaping dudes for our townhome development were out early and damn, were they being loud.

Cleaning. Woo. Good times, good times. Did get a lot done, though. Put all the random shit laying around in it's proper place. Got on the floor and scrubbed at the neglected spots with a magic eraser (store brand, but man oh man I love those things). Then did proper cleaning of the tile floors with broom/Swiffer/wet Swiffer. Then hit the carpet with the vacuum. Then dusted. Then wiped the inside & outside of the front door glass (full glass screen door, oddly, pervious homeowners seem to have lost the screen to change it out) and the back sliding doors. You know you're bad at housework when the doors are dirtier on the inside than the outside. Sigh. Then it was wiping off the basement stairs, then scrubbing down the downstairs bath. Whew.

Then I decided to replant the lilac bush I've had in a pot since spring.... I bought two lilac bushes from Spring Hill Nursery in the spring, which arrived as pretty much single twigs in pots. Planted one out in the front planting bed, where it has pretty much died from not enough sun. I planted the other in a pot in the back to hope it would grow enough that I could replant it when we finally got rid of the damned tree that got bent when we had a really big snowfall over last winter....

And it was still pretty messed up after all the snow melted......

Since the tree dudes came this week and took the tree down, I could finally do something with the space left behind. So I put in the lilac bush. And pretty much right away figured the thing will probably die, since it is right next to our deck and the deck blocks a lot of the sun. At least, it's probably putting off the eventual death of it... if I left it in the pot, it'd die for sure over winter.

Damnit. I want my damned Sensation Lilac bush just like I had when I was growing up!!

Next, it was off to the grocery store. Which was oddly uncrowded.

Funny grocery store tales... a few weeks back, when I was having problems with icky nasty things residing in my wedding ring, I came home from the weekly grocery shopping and ranted to the hubby about how I hate going to the chain grocery store without my wedding rings, because the place is crawling with guys trying to pick up women. And I am so. done. with. that. I don't even find it flattering in that setting... I'm just trying to buy food and get out of there, leave me alone, please??

Since then, every time I tell the hubby I'm going to the grocery store, he asks to make sure I have my rings on. Not sure if it's just because he's sick of hearing me go off about it, or worried I'm eventually going to deck some dude and he'll get the call for bail money.

I did end up making the Superfast Salisbury Steaks for dinner on Saturday. Always good. Usually, if I'm doing the recipe as written (with the canned soup) I'll also sautee some mushroons and sliced onions to help boost the flavor. This time, I was using my own homemade french onion soup, so I didn't bother. That stuff is so loaded with onions it ain't needed.

I remember when my sis in law was pregnant with him. I remember being afraid she was going to go in to labor when I was taking a trip out to L.A. with friends to be crazy fangirls going to a band play. I remember when we all celebrated my hubby's b-day at this great little Italian place and my sis in law was just HUGE and nervous and read to pop at any moment. I remember after he was born, going to the hospital and as grandpa was holding his first grandson, my hubby & his brother started to talk about cars with him (they are a family obsessed with cars) and I snapped a picture, and my hubby wondered why I did, and my response was "That was Ethan's first car talk!!!"

And now he's 5. And in the stage of telling reeeeeaaaallly bad jokes.

They party was at a gymnastics place that he actually goes to for classes. I declined participation in the running and jumping. I'm highly uncoordinated, and very aware of that fact, thank you verymuch!

After all the kids running around and the opening of presents and cake, we headed over to the bro in law's house to chill for a little while.

And my nephew is totally a budding foodie. When his mom put out some chips and dip, he turned to me and said "You REALLY have to try this one. It's really good. And it's got onions, tomatoes and HOT PEPPERS in it." Turns out that he knew it from the container... which had tomatoes, onions and peppers on it. But still, what kid recites off food ingredient lists??

Picked up some Taco Bell on the way home (the hubby and I do appreciate all the good, authentic Mexican food to be found around Chicagoland, but we have a totally unnatural obsession with Taco Bell) and now he's got laundry going. Exciting, huh???

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