Thursday, October 4, 2007

Marge, your cooking only has two moves. Shake and Bake.

(and Marge replies to Homer, "You love Shake n Bake. You used to put it in your coffee!")

God help me... I love Shake n Bake.

And it must be served with Kraft Mac & Cheese. MUST.

Yep, that was dinner tonight (with some steamed broccoli for something green). Two "off the shelf" products that have stood the test of time by being time savers, realiable, and a little bit tasty (you know you want to admit it.....).

Was a busy day at work. Busy in a good way, but too much thinking. I had to do math today, which always makes my brain tired. And it turns out, I really didn't need to do it, because although the doc team has been in "cost-save" mode for a year, we're only tracking "new" efforts that have kicked off in the past month, not the stuff that really went untracked over the past year. GREAT. But, it did fill me with pride to see that my former fellow writer and I, over the past year, managed to put out the same number of products at 1/3 the cost as when we had 3 people on our team. Oh yeah, we rock! Or, um, rocked. Crap. Now I'm sad.

And my father in law was stopping by at a random time tonight to pick up my wedding rings to run them thru his sonic cleaner tomorrow (he runs a dental lab... they've got a better sonic cleaner than I could get if I bought a sonic jewelry cleaner at Target).

And why the heck can't I follow a recipe? Last night I made chicken fried steaks for dinner, attempting to use a recipe from this month's Everyday Food. Before I started my prep/cooking, I quickly scanned the ingredient list. High on the list was 1 chopped onion. So I did that first, then went back to the recipe and found that the onion was only used if you were making the green beans for the "full meal" version of the recipe. The hubby will not touch green beans. I was not going to make the green beans. And I really prefer chicken fried steaks that involve onion in the milk gravy. So the onions did not go unused.... I spent time chopping an onion, I don't care if I'm making oatmeal, it goes in there.... I used them for the gravy. But still wasn't super impressed with it. And it would have been worse, for my tastes at least, without the onion. Sorry Martha!!

Ok... 10:30pm, the kicthen is still a mess and I have to throw on another layer of nail polish before I head to bed.......

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