Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Thai food.....

Thai food was not something my family ever had as a child. No Thai food to be had in our little 'burb. Some very fine Chinese, but no Thai.

When I went to college, my roomies (one from the city, one from Michigan) swore by Thai food, said it was fantastic, and there was one place, P.S. Bangkok, that they loved and used to order from all the time.

I never liked anything I got from there. Always too much cilantro, and I'm not a fan of cilantro.

Hubby hates Thai food (or at least thinks he does), so it's never anything he had a craving for.

When I started at the current job, I found one of the guys at work also owned a Thai food place. Eventually, for some work function, we had food from his place. I went in, a bit cautious, but was determined to try the stuff anyway to see what I thought.

I didn't hate it. The second time, I kinda liked it. By the third time, I was hooked.

I don't know what it is about perfect balance of sweet/hot/spicy/salty/acid about the Thai stuff I love.... today was an indulgence in one of my faves, Tom Kha soup. Yum. Just perfect.

(No, it wasn't from the same place that my now ex-coworker owns... his place to too far away to pick it up & bring it back for lunch)

Panang Curry is another fave. Both Tom Kha Gai and Panang Curry..... the first time I tried them, I wasn't too sure. But the more I ate, the more addicted I became.

So many times, I've had various Thai cookbooks in my hands, but never brought them home. I have made Panang Curry for myself, and use curry paste in a bunch of things. I'm thinking I might need to try making some Tom Kha Gai in the casa de Hausfrau. SOON.

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