Wednesday, October 31, 2007

What scares me most....

... lately, is fast food companies.

I enjoy fast food, I really do. In fact, I do too much, hence my own personal battles with the scale. There is something to be said about the wonderful familiarity of a Big Mac no matter where or when you order one.

I know our "on the go" country has a huge problem with fast food. And yes, we are responsible for our own decisions, but these companies ain't helping.

Two new commercials for new fast food products... Domino's "Double Crust" pizza and KFC's chicken strips that come in a package including three - count 'em THREE! - dipping sauces (out of a larger range of choices) that is marketed for those who need to eat in their car.

Seriously, companies?? Did the world need this??

As a general rule, I am not a fan of national chain pizza places. I grew up in a highly Italian neighborhood, and good, Neopolitan style pizza (I didn't know what "deep dish Chicago" pizza was until I was about 14) was very easy to find. Some better than others, but all of them worlds better than Pizza Smut or the others.

My mom could do a decent fried chicken, but with all the prep, cooking and cleaning time involved, we usually just picked up a bucket when it was on the evening menu.

I don't recall, any time in my childhood, ever munching on some fried chicken and thinking "Hmm. You know what this needs? Barbaque sauce. Or honey mustard. Or some ranch dressing.

I don't recall ever eating pizza and getting to the crust and wondering "Boy... I really need some garlic parmesan sauce to help this go down easier" or "This pizza is good... but it needs more crust. And should have a cheese stick involved in it somehow, because the cheese on top of the pizza isn't quite enough for my taste."

What the hell are these companies thinking? And how in the hell do these products make it past testing and out in to the market place??

I understand that a lot of these things are probably guilty food pleasures of some people. Hell, I eat chili on top of buttered crackers. But that is my weird deal. Everyone has one. But since when did those start becoming new marketing ideas? It's supposed to be things you do in the privacy of your own home, knowing it's kinda evil, while watching movies that your friends would mercilessly pick on you if they knew about. It's something that you KNOW is not good for you. Something you don't do every day, because it's not in your face.

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