Saturday, October 27, 2007

Have I mentioned I hate cleaning???

So... back in my first year of college, our floor had two girls per room, and each two rooms shared a bathroom.

(I promise this will all start to make sense in a minute here)

And yes... if there are any males out there... four girls sharing a bathroom did make for some "oops" walk in moments. Like when one of the gals from the room next to us decided she didn't want to wake up her roomate to have some fun with a male friend, and my yelp when I walked in there (they forgot to lock the doors - smooth!) and woke up the two sleepers.

And one of these days I need to talk about how I got the nickname "Squeaky" my freshman year in college.....


One thing I hate most among all household tasks is cleaning the bathroom. That whole freshman year I lucked out, since the mom of one of the gals in the adjacent room had her mom come down, from Wisconsin, at least every other weekend to clean the bathroom.

It was soooo sweet.

Today, in addition to the grocery shopping and other more general cleanind and straightening up, was the upstairs bath. I could clean the downstairs bath until the cows come home... it's just a sink we never use and a toilet. Easy. But upstairs is the sink we use every morning, the toilet that the hubby uses the most, and the dreaded shower. Which, thanks to the horrid caulking skills of the people who lived here before, has some terrible mildew problems. And, oh yeah, it might also be worse since I don't clean it until it gets pretty bad. I'm willing to admit that.

After attacking it with a Clorox bleach pen, Tilex, and regular bath cleaner, it's done. Hurrah.

Also scrubbed off the nasty sink. Which isn't nearly as bad of a task now that I know to use a magic eraser thing on it.

The hubby spent the day in the basement, actually going thru some boxes and doing general organization. Got a couple boxes of junk thrown out, and found a few things I've been looking for since we moved in. Yay!!!

Dinner ended up being pizza. Hey, I'm not SuperGirl. A gal needs to have a half hour on a Saturday to sit around and do nuttin.

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