Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Hello my name is stoopid....

Why did I think there was tomato confit in the mussels from the Bouchon cookbook??

I do this a lot. Think I know a recipe and do special prep/shopping for it, only to find out I don't need something. Or I've forgotten something.

In any case, I liked it better with the tomato confit. :)

I used previously frozen greenshell mussels, frankly I'm just too damned lazy to worry about cleaning mussels on a weeknight. I also went lighter on the wine and used some of the chicken stock that I did in the crockpot overnight, and used less dijon than last time. But still oh so very good. And I made the hericots verts with the lemon/brown butter sauce that is from the trout recipe. Ommawgawd. Next time the hubby has his own dinner plans, I am *so* making that trout recipe for myself for dinner. The hubby had his mussels over pasta, I just ate outta mussels I had in one bowl, and the beans in another bowl. Very chic and refinded, I tells ya.

Have more tomato confit in the oven right now, but I think tomorrow's lunch will just be the leftovers of the mussels, the sauce and the leftover bread. I'm an easy girl to please.

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