Monday, October 8, 2007

The many uses of chili......

Use # 406. Chili Dogs.

We're still in unseasonable warm weather in Chicago.... as I hear much of the country is... so dinner tonight was the good ole, "won't heat up the house" standby of chili dogs. Grab some chili from the chili stash in the freezer, plop some hotdogs in "just came to a boil and turned off the heat" water ('tis the Chicago way) for five minutes, heat up the chili, chop a little onion, and an easy meal. Not the most nutritionally sound meal, but it works.

Random thought warning... watching the Daily Show, and they just mentioned the government's use of loud rock music to deprive prisioners of sleep as a torture tactic. Um, yeah. That wouldn't work too good on me. For some reason, when I can't sleep, if I turn on some Slayer tunes, I'm out in about two minutes. Yep, I'm twisted.

Anyway.... had hoped to be a more productive hausfrau after work today, but it didn't happen. I did get all the makings of chicken stock in the crockpot, but I did hope to make some more tomato confit tonight, since I wanted to use up what I had in my bastardized recipe of the Bouchon tuna sammiches, but the tomato confit did not happen out of my laziness, and I need some of it for the mussels from the Bouchon cookbook for dinner tomorrow. Ah well. I can do the confit tomorrow night, and have tuna sammiches later in the week. Pulled out a Southwestern Turkey Burger from the freezer for lunch tomorrow, and mixed up some of the ketchup to go along with it. That'll do!

But maybe I'm not soo bad.... got laundry load numero tres in the washer right now.

Sometime at work this week will be moving all the crap from my cubicle to another one a couple rows down. I have to wait until someone else has cleaned out the cube (it's one of the many, many overflow junk cubes around the office) before I can do it. I'd like to do it right now, because the person in closest proximity to me (one row over) moved today, so I now have 2 empty rows on each side of me. Yeah, I feel isolated. But at least no one was close enough to be offended by the mutter paneer I had for lunch today.

Darn crock pot. The stock is not progressing as I wanted... might have to switch it to low and let it go overnight. Grumble. Now I gotta deal with that in the morning.

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