Monday, October 29, 2007

Husband for sale... Husband for sale.....

No matter how much you love someone, there are moments where you look at that person and your mind wanders to the dark place where you wonder if you've watched enough episodes of CSI to hide the body and never get caught.

Today is one of those days.

Since Thursday night he's been on my case about something totally not under my control, and I'm about ready to go looking for a blunt object.

He came home from a crappy day at work... and let his bad attitude follow him right in to the house.

When I have a bad day? I get home, I clean up a little, I cook dinner, I eat, I clean again, and I just try to leave the day behind me and not make my bad day also end up ruining his day. I'm not that lucky.

I'm also highly unhappy after the cleaning and organizing of the basement this weekend, my excercise bike down there somehow got busted. I'm not namin' names, but when I was on it last week it was working fine. And with as stressful as today was and the week looks to be, I was really looking forward to getting on there and workin' out some stress. Instead, I'm chain smoking. That's a healthy swap out???

Did make some awesome (well, I thought so, hubby again let his bad mood try to ruin my dinner) crispy shrimp largely based off this recipe. I cut the oil to one tablespoon that I used to brown the panko in a skillet before the breading, and used one egg and one egg white. I thought they were pretty awesome.

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