Sunday, October 14, 2007

On top of p'skehhhhhti.... all covered with cheese....

(.... I lost my poor meatball..... when somebody sneeeeeeezed.....)

Ha. Now it's stuck in your head too.

Easy weekend in the casa de la Hausfrau. Friday night they mentioned temps were going to fall in to the 30s during the night. I went outside and picked tomatoes from my plants, and then looked at my herb plants and sighed. Fresh tarragon. Sigh. I'll miss you.

I made it until about 10pm before I decided to pull in my herb pots and see what the heck I could do about just bringing them indoors and seeing how much more I could get out of them. I lovingly thwapped them in the sink and gave them some water. I'm just way too used to fresh herbs. I NEED THEM. Last year I did fairly well when I divided some of them in to smaller pots and brought them indoors. Well, I did good until I just forgot about watering them and they died on me. But they last until Thanksgiving... I remember having fresh sage on hand for Turkey day.

Saturday fun was a trip to Menards - hubby needed stones to throw in the now dug out window well, and I needed some trays for my herb pots. I was going to take pictures of them, but I can't find my phone to PC cable, and I'm too damned tired to walk upstairs right now and search for it.

Saturday dinner was meatballs & sauce pulled outta the freezer over spaghetti. And while feeling kinda bad for half-assing a weekend dinner, I had a moment of vindication. As I went to add the half-box left of this spaghetti to the boiling water, I missed. Spaghetti all over the floor. None of it made it in to the pot. SIGH. I consider a ten second rule to be valid for dried pasta, so I quickly picked it off the floor, dusted it off, gave it a quick rinse and put it in the boiling water, more carefully this time.

Sunday was grocery shopping... and a steak for the hubby for dinner, and horseradish crusted piece of salmon (ala the Horseradish Crusted Filet Mignon) for me. Yummmmm. Hey, hubby doesn't like salmon, and doesn't care for the horseradish crust. He's happy to use ketchup to dress his filet mignon. And I'm happy to let him do it.

Sunday night I also whipped up some tuna salad to take for lunch today. Yum.

Work was busy today.... some more editing of the world's worst command reference, and finding out that a project I am totally not up to speed on currently is back on the radar and will pick up in the next couple weeks. Oh hurrah.

I had an appointment after work, so dinner tonight was pot roast ala crockpot. Always tasty. And I really, really enjoy making some rosemary couscous to go along with it for me (I'm not a fan of potatoes cooked in beef stock, I'll leave those for the hubby).

I think lunch tomorrow is going to be leftovers from tonight... and it's looking like tomorrow's dinner will be fried pork tenderloin chops (yeah, great meal choice on the week I decide to really commit myself back to this whole Weight Watchers thing). Which means I better get in the kitchen and pound out the tenderloin and get it marinating in the dressing......

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