Sunday, March 2, 2008

Is it Thursday yet?? Is it Thursday yet???

Yep... I'm at that point before a vacation where about 50% of your brain is just focused on getting to that point.

Been busy. Made it thru the first official software release at the new job and it wasn't too bad. Still fighting software, but I should be used to that by now. Spent two hours last Friday uninstalling one program so I can "swap" with another person at work and go back to an earlier version, which should reduce the problems. Hopefully.

Was a quiet weekend... yesterday was errands (drop off dry cleaning, get a travel mouse for the laptop, other non-fun things) and a pedicure for me. My lordy... did the gal at the salon work my feet HARD for that pedicure. I know different people have different touches... hers was just brutal. But effective. My feet are all smooth and purty, even if they are achy from it all more than the usual "relaxed".

Today was some quick trips to the grocery stores to get stuff to feed the hubby and I thru Thursday. It was nice since the temps hit a balmy 50 degrees. I had the car windows down and the newest Horrorpops CD blasting (it fell in to my hands as I was at Best Buy yesterday.... I swear....) and got to enjoy the breeze and some phsyco-billy rock.

I also did a little more organization of my luggage... all I really have to do on Wednesday is throw in the last few things and I'll be good to go. That makes me happy, since work from Old Job has picked up as we try to correct some regulatory stuff AND our tranlsation company is (of course... sigh...) delivering some stuff to me a couple days later than origianlly promised and I have to deal with it on Wednesday night. Even if I get that finished, I'm guessing I will have a couple things do get done while we're on vacation, which ain't too bad since we do usually have some "chill" time in the room, but it means I might not get as much reading done as I usually like to do on vacation (this vacation's reading is Bone in the Throat, figured I'd give my future second husband Anthony Bourdain's fiction a try, and Made From Scratch, the bio by Sandra Lee, for fiction purposes only. Dude... I mean, there is a section where she talks about being offered fifty grand a year for a job managing a Denny's in the late 80s/early 90s. There is NO way that is true. And lordy... it's SO badly written from the little I have read. Think second grade "what I did on my summer vacation" book report).

Also went thru the fridge to remove anything that may grow fur before we come back Sunday, and finally did the general cleanup of the house so we don't come home Sunday and look around and go "what a dump!" And, the hubby promises when we get back from vacation, we're starting on re-doing the upstairs bath. I'm guessing it will be mostly paint/hardware, and figuring out how to re-caulk the tub so it's not just a mold magnet area.

No exciting cooking has happened, and none is on the horizon. Between tomorrow and Tuesday, I'm going to make the SpagBacParm for dinner one night, and some of those frozen stuffed chicken breasts... about the only form of chicken beyond the McNugget or fused chicken patty that the hubby actually enjoys. And it's easy cooking and cleanup.

Wednesday will be some take out, and the next day will be Vegas. Oh yeah, baby!

No super-big meals planned in Vegas... we might hit the new Louis' Fish Camp, we might hit Emeril's Fish House, and I *am* at least going to get to the Bubble Bar at Guy Savoy on Thursday or Friday night to try the artichoke & black truffle soup and some of the stuff off the "bites & bubbles" menu. I am really looking forward to it.

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