Thursday, March 20, 2008

Damn you, Snow Meiser!!! (and random thoughts)

Ok. Mid/Late March snow 'round these parts is not unheard of.

Warnings of up to eight inches of snow (and we always get the max amount where I am) is not fun. At all.

The steamed buns I made earlier this week gave me some problems, but mostly because I was trying to steam them in a different way and they ended up in the water. Ooops. Still turned out tasty though, after an addition 10 minutes of correct steaming. Love that recipe.

Oh, and this? Is the greatest garlic press EVER. I got it after a night of being particularly frustrated by my old Pampered Chef garlic press that had peeling non-stick coating. The next day, on America's Test Kitchen, I saw them review garlic presses and this Kuhn Rikon Epicurean Garlic Press came in first. Hefty price tag, but oh my lordy, so worth it. Even with my crappy carpal tunnel hands, it is a breeze to use, and it is so easy to clean. I love it.

Easter cooking planning is heavy on the mind.... boiled my eggs tonight so they'd be dry for dying tomorrow. Saturday is making the crepes for the crepe cake and the assembly of the actual cake, carrot cake muffins (if I can find the recipe... which I can't right now... sigh) and the browned butter & almonds for the green beans. I may also bring over some cheese and crackers.

But better sign off and focus on getting ready for bed...... stupid snow. Grumble.

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