Tuesday, March 18, 2008



I new that Old Company was going thru some management changes, and the guy I was reporting to for awhile was on his way out and out as of recent. Not in a bad way (which is a first for the time I've had any association with the company) at least.

But, was poking around on LinkedIn and saw a new profile for the company CEO. New dude. Um, ok???

Hopefully it will be a good change. But it's very weird to now know it happened and I didn't get the skinny on it. It's an odd relationship with the people still there... they do have moments where they seem to have forgotten I'm not around for 40 hours a week and I don't get all the hallway gossip/news. Not that it makes a lick of difference in what I have to do for them... but it's nice to know.

I think "addendum hell" is finally nearing an end for Old Company. I'll be happy when we reach that point and I can spend my evenings surfing the web rather than doing actual work.

Dinner tonight was an easy one... chili dogs. Heat up hot dogs, defrost chili from the fridge, and dinner is more or less ready. Hubby is always happy for a chili dog night, as am I, because it is easy and cleanup (which I still gotta do) is easy.

Things at New Company are still going along... got some training on a new product tomorrow, and have ample work to keep me busy. Doing a lot of clean-up and trying to not let the inconsistencies that are there (aka - "legacy weirdness") get to me. I know the one writer who was there was working under extreme pressure and deadlines, and hopefully we'll get it all to a good point soon.

The week ahead does not look all too exciting... probably going to dye Easter eggs (swirly dye!!!) on Thursday, maybe make some brownies on Friday since I have everything on hand, and last minute shopping and making the crepe cake and cupcakes on Saturday. I'm also doing green beans in browned butter, but that is so easy I hardly consider it a chore. Might also bring over some cheese and crackers. Not too much.

I do want to make a stir-fry and some steamed buns this week, and since my sausage and kim chee is dated for this week, that might happen tomorrow. Thursday might be pepper and egg sandwiches. Exciting stuff.


Marilyn said...

Ooh, are you gonna make bao buns? Sorry, couldn't resist.

And you seriously have to try Cincinnati chili dogs sometime. If you don't want to make the chili from scratch, Skyline and Cincinnati Recipe brands both market a decent canned chili. I have no idea of how hard it would be to find those in your regular grocery store, but I can find them here in Podunk, Southern Indiana.

Marilyn, aka orchidgal

MrsVJW said...

Oh... the hubby has had Skyline chili, and chili dogs, on a business trip before. And he speaks of them fondly.

That needs to go on my "to-do" list... I have recipes for Skyline chili, but have never made it (yet).